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About us

The Decision Lab at ESADE is a research facility designed for ESADE faculty and graduate students to make studies on human behavior in a broad range of fields, such as: analytics, behavioural economics and finance, consumer and organizational behavior, decision-making, public policy; and social action.

The Lab’s ultimate goal is to advance knowledge in human behavior and contribute to improving decisions that trigger meaningful change.

What type of studies does the Decision Lab conduct?

Our facilities and software are suitable for a wide range of studies ranging from simple questionnaires to computer role-playing games or performing daily tasks in a simulated scenario such as a supermarket aisle or the living room at home. The length of each study can vary from 10 to 90 minutes.

Online and
on-site studies

Individual &
group studies



What will I do as a participant?

All our studies will have a detailed description of your role as a participant, but most of the time you will be giving your opinion about different things, such as your preferences for certain products, etc. You may be asked to answer questionnaires or perform computer tasks. Sometimes you will interact with other people -in pairs or groups- to discuss various topics and work together on a task.

What are the benefits of participating?

You will be contributing to advancing academic research on human behavior and improving decisions for meaningful change.

Every time you participate, you will receive a compensation (cash, credits or other compensation—based on your student profile) depending on the nature of the study.

How can I become a Decision Lab participant?

Participating in our behavioral research studies is easy – just follow this step by step guide:

Where is the Decision Lab?

The Decision Lab is on the La Rambla of Innovation in our ESADE Sant Cugat Campus.

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Decision Lab ESADE Business and Law School
Rambla of Innovation
Avinguda de la Torre Blanca, 59
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
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Tel. +34 932 806 162 (ext 2330)


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